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R$ 5,34


R$ 1,944,774,004

Volume (24h)

R$ 252,905,927

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O preço atual do ChainLink é R$ 5,34 com um mercado de capitalização de R$ 1,944,774,004. O preço do ChainLink subiu 9.81% nas ultimas 24 horas. No valor da moeda você pode encontrar o valor do ChainLink hoje e o valor atual de mercado de capitalização. Baseando-se na mudança de preço do ChainLink nas ultimas 24 horas você pode analisar se é a melhor oportunidade de comprar ou vender ChainLink.


O que é ChainLink?

ChainLink is a decentralized oracle (software built on top of a blockchain), which provides external data to Ethereum smart contracts. ChainLink is an open source project, started at September 2017 by a company SmartContract. This company was already creating secure oracles for Bitcoin and Ethereum for over 3 years, but in 2017 decided to move towards their own middleware ChainLink. At the moment ChainLink is maintained by 3 developers. The main purpose for creating ChainLink was to provide nnectivity between blockchains and external software such as bank payments, retail payments (Visa, Paypal), market data (NYSE, Bloomberg) and backend systems (SalesForce, SAP). This allows to integrate blockchain with off-chain sales and local payments, to turn them into smart contracts in exchange for LINK tockens. LINK token is an EIP20 Ethereum token with some additional functions. ICO for LINK tokens was completed on September 2017 raising total of $32.00 M. Currently ChainLink only works with Ropsten, a test Ethereum network.

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